Belgium and Thailand work together at dual exhibitions, Penta Laser BOLT 7 series attracts global attention

May 21, 2024

Recently, in the field of international industrial manufacturing, a striking technology feast kicked off simultaneously in Belgium and Thailand. Penta Laser, a leading company in laser cutting equipment in China, unveiled its latest masterpiece BOLT 7 series laser cutting machine. It has successfully attracted global attention with its unique bed design, 12kW and 30kW high-power stable cutting, ultra-high acceleration and ultra-clean cutting technology. .

During the week-long exhibition, the Penta Laser BOLT 7 series became the focus of the scene with its excellent performance and outstanding performance. Its unique bed design not only improves the stability and precision of the equipment, but also ensures stable operation during high-power cutting processes. The ultra-high power output of 12kW and 30kW makes the BOLT 7 series capable of handling cutting tasks of various materials and thicknesses.

In addition to high power output, the BOLT 7 series also features ultra-high acceleration characteristics, which means the equipment can respond quickly when starting and stopping, greatly improving processing efficiency. At the same time, the application of ultra-clean cutting black technology makes the heat-affected zone generated during the cutting process smaller and the cross-section quality higher, meeting customers' needs for high-precision processing.

Penta Laser's demonstration attracted more than 40,000 visitors. Audiences expressed that the performance of the BOLT 7 series laser cutting machine is impressive, and its efficient and precise processing capabilities have brought revolutionary changes to the manufacturing industry. At the exhibition site, Penta Laser achieved a lot. Not only did it win widespread praise from industry insiders, it also successfully signed orders for multiple high-power cutting machines and pipe cutting machines.

Industry experts said that the launch of the Penta Laser BOLT 7 series not only demonstrates the leading level of China's laser cutting technology, but also injects new impetus into the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. In the context of global economic integration, Penta Laser is gradually becoming the leader in the global laser cutting market with its continuous innovation and technology accumulation in the field of laser cutting.

Looking to the future, Penta Laser will continue to adhere to the concept of "innovation, quality and service", continuously improve product quality and service levels, and provide global customers with more high-quality and efficient laser cutting solutions. At the same time, Penta Laser will also pay close attention to market demand and technology development trends, continue to increase R&D investment and technological innovation, and promote the continuous progress and development of laser cutting technology.

The successful holding of the dual exhibitions in Belgium and Thailand not only provided a stage for Penta Laser to demonstrate its strength, but also added new impetus to the international development of China's manufacturing industry. We look forward to Penta Laser continuing to create more brilliance in its future development.

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