{1107} -Penta Laser
{1107} -Penta Laser

CJ Series Laser Welding Machine

The CJ series is mainly used for laser welding of aluminum alloy components of different types of air conditioner pipelines.

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    Laser wire fill welding
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CJ Series Laser Welding Machine

The CJ series laser welding machine is of one-to-N design, which can improve laser utilization. It is fully servo-driven and features high precision, enabling the welding of different connecting welds of air-conditioner pipelines. It is equipped with a complete set of Omron laser welding control system and has precise wire feeding function. The processing station has a compact structure and small floor area. 


 Dual station workbench



Equipped with a double-station rotary workbench, the rotary driving component is a cam divider driven by a variable frequency motor. The workbench is equipped with two  servo motors and a rotating shaft driven by high-precision planetary reducers. The design of the rotary shaft takes into account the sinking needs of the workpiece, enhancing the versatility of welding parts.

Y/Z/P axis motion module


For the linear motion axis, the transmission components are all driven by high-dynamic performance servo motors, equipped with precision ball screws, high-precision linear guides, and other efficient transmission mechanisms, effectively ensuring the accuracy of transmission. The linear rail slider is equipped with a protective scraper for cleaning the guide rails dirt. The Y-axis track adopts an accordion-style integral protective cover to enhance its service life. The P-axis is a rotary axis used to adjust the angle of the welding head.

Compression system



To ensure adaptability to a wider range of products, a lifting and pressing system is designed. The lifting system uses a servo motor and a ball screw to drive the tooling to move up and down. The cylinder is used as the actuator for compression. At the same time, multiple sensors are configured on this device to achieve multiple detection functions:

1. Equipped with a laser distance sensor to detect the height of the part.

2. Equipped with a laser sensor to determine the state of workpiece support.

3. The maximum pressing height of the pressing system is 650mm.


Cutting sample






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