Hospital emergency training enters the enterprise, Penta Laser employees master life-saving skills

Jul 03, 2024

On June 25, 2024, a unique medical emergency knowledge training was held at Penta Laser Company. The training was hosted by a professional team of doctors from Optics Valley Hospital, aiming to enhance the self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities of Penta Laser employees in emergency situations and ensure the safety and health of the workplace.

At the beginning of the event, doctors from Optics Valley Hospital first introduced the hospital's advanced medical equipment and technology to Penta Laser employees, emphasizing the importance of timely and effective emergency measures for saving lives under modern medical conditions. Subsequently, the doctors gave in-depth and easy-to-understand explanations on common medical operations such as trauma treatment and bandaging, and elaborated on the principles and application scenarios of key emergency knowledge such as Heimlich emergency treatment and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

After the theoretical knowledge was explained, the doctors and nurses jointly demonstrated the actual operation of first aid. They used simulated puppets to demonstrate the entire process from preliminary assessment to emergency treatment, and each step was meticulous, rigorous and standardized. The employees present said that this intuitive teaching method gave them a deeper understanding of first aid knowledge.

After the demonstration, the nurses invited Penta Laser employees to the stage to participate in the actual operation. The employees were enthusiastic and eager to try. Under the professional guidance of the nurses, everyone practiced from bandaging wounds to implementing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Everyone practiced seriously and strived to master every detail.

This training not only improved the first aid skills of Penta Laser employees, but also enhanced everyone's safety awareness and teamwork ability. Penta Laser said that as a company that attaches importance to employee welfare and safe production, we have always put the health and safety of employees first. Inviting doctors from Optics Valley Hospital to conduct first aid knowledge training is an important measure for the company's safety culture construction.

This training was also highly recognized by Optics Valley Hospital. The hospital said that popularizing first aid knowledge in enterprises is of great significance to improving the overall first aid level of society. They will continue to cooperate with Penta Laser and other companies to jointly promote the popularization and application of first aid knowledge.

This training activity was a complete success. It not only enables Penta Laser employees to master practical first aid skills, but also provides strong protection for emergency situations they may encounter in their future work. At the same time, this is also a vivid practice of the deep integration of enterprises and society, medical care and education, contributing to building a safer and healthier social environment.

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